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Does Your Company Take Full Advantage of Global Opportunities?

Do You Know How to Navigate the Intersections of Global Business?

  • How do we develop strong and lasting relationships across borders?
  • How do we create a customized value proposition in each market and win sales?
  • What are the best strategies and tactics to enter each market/country?
  • How do we implement the most efficient and effective growth strategies that stand the test of time?
  • How do we navigate the cultural maze across borders and successfully negotiate and close business?
  • How do we customize our competitive advantage and beat the competition?
  • What is the most effective growth model for our company, that will stand the test of time?
  • How do we target opportunities, manage risk and grow globally?

Ready to Grow Globally?
Assessing Your Pulse
Cross-Cultural Preparation & Training
Cross-Border Due Diligence & Execution
Global Market(s) & Strategic Business Development
Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation 

Does your product and/or service have a potential appeal in global markets?

Which ones? What region of the world is a good fit for your product and/or service?

What do you need to have in place to successfulyl launch and rollout in a new market?  more...

What are a few negotiation tips in each prospective market?

How to successfully manage a multi-national team?

How to motivate and incentivise your people for success across borders?  more...

What information do you need to gather?

Where and how do you get this information?

What is the cost for NOT obtaining this informatioin?  more...

What is the best model/option for your company to enter a new global market?

How do you identify strategic partners across borders?

How do you launch, grow and sustain sales and business development?  more...

Rise and shine, visionaries and entrepreneurs.  This is where future opportunities lie.  

What do you need to have in place to be global from day one and beat the traditional corporation structure to the punch?  How can entreprenurs collaborate across borders and create the 'Born Global' start-up companies? more...

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